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Just a plus size trans girl in a straight size cis world.

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Apr 26th, 2021 Medical
Jersey Noah @NoahJersey

Trans people need so much approval from cisgender people in order to medically transition it's demeaning. For example, I am a 35 year old adult on HRT for 10 years. I've been diagnosed multiple times with gender dysphoria. In 2015, I had top surgery..

Trans Healthcare is Broken Stop making us have to repeatedly justify our existence.

Imagine that, having been diagnosed with a heart condition, or hypothyroidism, or asthma, or any number of other long term medical conditions, you had to get re-diagnosed every single time you went in for treatment. If every time you change doctors, you had to justify to that doctor that your previous diagnosis was accurate. If you had to prove that, yes, I am actually sick, even when you have been taking the medications for years.

That is the state of trans healthcare. Every every time you change prescribers, you have to prove to the doctor that, yes, I really am the gender I say I am and that’s why I’ve been on hormone therapy for five years. Every gender affirming surgery you pursue, even ones that don’t require pre-auth to do on cis people (such as breast augmentations/reductions), requires multiple new letters (they wont take the old ones) affirming that, yes, you are the gender you say you are and no you are not delusional or suffering from psychosis. This continues to be requ…

Feb 24th, 2021 Gender
Cherry Blossom @DameKraft

the only stable definition of being trans is "not identifying with your assigned gender a birth" and I think that definition includes a hell of a lot of people who currently call themselves cis and are worried about appropriating being trans.

Cherry Blossom @DameKraft

no one consented to their assigned gender at birth, and certainly not everyone grows into that assignment and accepts it.

Cherry Blossom @DameKraft

people want to draw borders and boundaries around the risks they face for how they appear, but that's attempting to build communities based on trauma bonding and is not sustainable.

It's Activation, not Appropriation Just because you're comfortable with passing as cis, doesn't mean you're cis.

@DameKraft did a fantastic thread today about how a lot of trans people may be concluding that they are cisgender because their incongruence is not strong enough to feel like they have a right to identify as transgender. Firstly: YES YOU ARE TRANS ENOUGH.

Secondly, there is no such thing as “appropriating” being trans. If you do not feel a strong connection to your assigned gender, you can call yourself trans! You aren’t offending anyone (at least, anyone whose opinion matters).

I know how easy it is to fall into this trap, because before my own wakeup call I also was afraid to ever mention my feelings around my gender. I thought it would be insensitive or appropriative of “actual” trans people. It’s laughable when I think of that now.

It doesn’t matter if the world still thinks you’re cis, you know who you are, the people who know you know who you are, and that isn’t invalidated simply because you haven’t “transgressed” cisgender norms.


Feb 16th, 2021 Transphobia
Dr Ben Vincent @GenderBen

I don't need to point out how detached from reality this is, but I would like to reflect on a particular choice of word - 'sacrifice'. (thread)

Dog whistles and diversions No one is trying to take your tits away, Janet.

The UK media is in a fit this week as transphobe after transphobe releases “opinion” pieces about trans people trying to erase women by forcing them to stop calling their chests breasts. This derives from a blatant misinterpretation of a new guideline issued by the NHS directing hospital staff to be prepared to use gender inclusive language for patients assigned female at birth who do not identify as women (eg, trans men and non-binary transmascs) and are uncomfortable with terminology that centers womanhood, such as breastfeeding.

Here is the “offending” document:

Note the second paragraph, which explicitly states that gender neutral language should not be used exclusively because it erases people who do identify as women.

Basically they’ve constructed a completely false narrative and are now shoving it down the public’s throats in hopes of inspiring further hatred towards trans people. Don’t believe the hate.

Feb 14th, 2021 Transphobia
Evan Urquhart @e_urq

There's a clever little trick behind the outrage over "chestfeeding" as a suggested alternative (not replacement) to breastfeeding, and the reason it works is, once again, say it with me:


Transmasc Erasure

I’ve stayed away from “chestfeeding” discourse because it’s not my lane, but transphobes keep throwing it into the transfemme side of the road, and this thread explains why.

Trans men and non-binary transmascs exist in nearly a 1:1 ratio to transfems, but they are consistently ignored in transphobic discourse. It happens with breastfeeding, it happens with pregnancy, it happens with conversations about menstruation and menstrual products. There was a big stink last year about Always dropping the venus symbol from pad packaging to be more inclusive of non-women, and terfs were all blaming trans women for it.

Feb 12th, 2021 Religion

The Levites are Dead

I want to add some bits on top of this Tumblr post, because in addition this part about Christians no longer being subject to the old testament, it needs to be pointed out that no one is still subject to these verses.

I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith. I’ve never believed in god, but was forced to participate until I finally moved out my mom’s house (and REALLY got out when I came out as trans), but for most of my life I was immured in their bible study culture. The JWs are totally a cult, but they really know their bible, and a huge part of their practice is spending time studying the context of the verses to reinforce their doctrine. Unfortunately, like most evangelical faiths, they still pick and choose which contexts to believe in, but it gave me a strong foundation to better understand just what the Bible says.

There are two scriptures in the book of Leviticus that are often cited regarding homosexuality. From the English Standard Version translation:

“You s…

Feb 3rd, 2021 Tweets
capsule_169_feed3 @capsule_169

The time traveller appeared at important parts of his life with help and advice. She was so cool and beautiful, and he wished he could be more like her. One day she unlocked his phone, via the fingerprint scanner. He realised who she was, and suddenly the future looked so bright.

capsule_169_feed3 @capsule_169

Two old friends agree to meet after time has changed both drastically.

One is worried that her friend won't accept that she's gay now.

One is worried that her friend won't accept that she's a girl now.

When they do meet, both are struck by the same thought:

"Fuck, she's hot."

Feb 3rd, 2021 Medical
Delaney King 👉🏻👩🏻‍💻 @delaneykingrox

Let's talk 'brain in a jar' transgender theory.

Brain in a Jar The science of gender dysphoria

Delaney King has done several really incredible threads about the science of gender dysphoria, why people are born trans, and why why gender affirming support and medical treatment are the most logical and ethical strategy to address it. These are three separate threads that I’ve gathered here.

Feb 2nd, 2021 Writing

How to Write a Trans Character

I’ve been in love with the show Warrior Nun this past year, on Netflix. One of my favorite characters is Chanel (played by May Lifschitz), who is trans. Her being trans is incidental, she’s just another secondary character, there to support the main character. There is only one point in the show, during a character building moment for the main character, that they reference the fact she’s trans, and you wouldn’t even catch it if you didn’t know thats what they meant.

Chanel’s being trans is not her defining piece. She could have been cis and it wouldn’t have changed the story.

That is how you write a trans character. Make it incidental, just another piece of who they are as a person. And for the love of god, cast a trans person in the role!!