Continuing my timeline series, this post is about facial changes. These before pictures are from 2014 and 2015.

I think the thing that strikes me the most isn’t how my eyes changed, or how my skin is so much clearer, or how much progress I’ve had on hair removal… It’s my double chin. I actually have a neck now! While there’s still a lot of lose skin there (which I’d like to get removed), just the simple fact that you can see my jaw is amazing.

Mind you, this isn’t entirely from HRT, I did lose 30-40 pounds between these sets, but still… it’s a marvelous change.

Funny story: The photo where my head is completely shaved… this was the result of a gamble. Katharine was absolutely certain that I would look good with a buzz cut and I promised her that she was completely wrong. I won the bet, she was SO disappointed 😂😂

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