Felt a wee bit sassy this morning. Hopefully it’s a sign that I’m out of my funk from the last few days.

My snagtights finally arrived, and I cannot wait to work them into an outfit. Need to wash them first tho. I have several ideas for how I’m gonna fit them into my wardrobe. I got two pairs (queen vic and burgundy), as well as a pair of chub run shorts. I can already tell these won’t be my last pairs. Shame it takes so long to ship them overseas.

Playful Promises has a ton of bras up in their outlet section right now for around $15 each, so I decided to take a few chances and ordered three new bras. They should be here next week.

My roots are so bad. My wife was looking at the photos from our zoo trip yesterday and looked up at me and said “We need to do your hair tonight.”