Yesterday, in an attempt to break up weekend monotony and to give my wife a rest, I took my daughter to the mall for a few hours. First stop was Torrid, where upon I found this amazing little black dress on the clearance rack. I fell in love before I even tried it on, but once I saw myself in it there was no turning back. I LOVE this dress.

This is the first time I’ve had a proper tulip skirt, and I finally understand the appeal. I feel so incredibly sexy in this dress, even with my visible belly outline. It definitely makes getting in and out of cars an experience, tho…

I was riding high on gender euphoria all day. We spent the morning at work watching the Apple WWDC event, which was actually pretty good this year. The new Mac Pro is everything Mac fans have been wanting for over a decade, and the new features coming to iOS look really good.

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