Realistically I’m far from invisible with my transness online, I kinda wear it on my digital sleeve, but thanks to the wonders of estrogen I am able to wander the world unharassed and unseen. It’s a privilege I am very aware of and very thankful for, and is part of why I AM so visible online.

It has been almost 27 months since I came out to Katharine, and almost 23 months since I started hormone therapy. Coming out after hiding who I really am for twenty five years was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but it was what I had to do to be able to keep functioning as a human being. It’s been an extremely hard two years, and I am not the only member of this family who has been changed by it, but it’s still the best thing I ever did.

This image chronicles those 23 months, one selfie for every two months (roughly). People say you change just as much in the second year as in the first, and wow has that been true. I love my body so much more now that I did before this started. It’s a feeling I never thought I could know.

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