In the beginning of transition everything is so new and wild and amazing. Over time that starts to fade, especially after all the paperwork is done, you’re no longer having to come out to everyone, and the misgendering becomes an occasional wtf instead of a steady reminder. Life settles down, things get normal, and gradually it stops being a constant stream of astonishment. You just start living your day as if it this is how things always have been, just as it should be.

But every so often, a couple times a day, it hits me just how amazing this all is. I did it! I’m a girl! I’m actually a girl! The dream came true! The measure of it lays on and I just get this huge smile on my face. Sometimes the sheer joy of it lands so heavy that tears come to my eyes.

Photos like this… these inspire that feeling. This is me, this is actually me… I just… wow.

Bonus Pic: The tricks I get up to in order to find the perfect light and angle. I need to buy another tripod… For the record, I do not recommend this particular ring light, but the other Neewer lights are better. I bought this one because it’s the only one with dual hot shoe mounts, which I knew I would want. I should have gone for one of the models with adjustable color levels instead of these plastic filters. The cell phone mount that comes with these kits is garbage, too, I’ve never used it. Still tho, for the price, it’s been worth having.