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My last word:

Trans women have a particular perspective on how fucking amazing it is to be a woman at all. It's something we spent our lives needing in a way we cannot describe, an irresistible draw going back often as far as we can remember.
welcome home space girl   @MagsVisaggs
There is something within it that I have no idea how to communicate except to embrace it and do my best to embody it, to find it within myself.

Doing that has transformed my life for the better.
welcome home space girl   @MagsVisaggs
Being a woman is the dopest shit in the world, and no gang of regressive transphobes ever can or ever will take that away from me.

You'd have to kill me to even have a real go at it.
welcome home space girl   @MagsVisaggs
I wish they could appreciate that so many of us, looking in from the outside, see the coolest fucking club in the world. That those of us who transition do so despite the threats, legal discrimination, and misogyny we will and do face for it.

It is the most incredible thing.
welcome home space girl   @MagsVisaggs
It's a draw to resolve a contradiction of the soul that opens our lives wide open and turns us into supernova explosions. it is the difference between being a human and being a ghost.

that's the power we find in womanhood.
welcome home space girl   @MagsVisaggs
I'm sorry that all you can see in this group of people just trying to figure out how to be happy is a threat.

But that's your problem, not ours.

Seriously, y’all. Being a woman is some awesome shit. Like, I get that if you aren’t actually a woman it probably sucks, but theres so much about communal womanhood that masculinity simply cannot hold a candle to.

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