My body confidence is super high this morning, so you all get to be graced with a rarity… me before my morning shower, not even out of my pajamas yet. I overslept and ran out of time to shower before Kat left to take our oldest to soccer class, so I just brushed my hair and threw on my new cardigan. I think today is going to be a good day. My body confidence is super high this morning and I’m in a good head space, so lets do a vulnerable post.

I tend to think to myself that my breasts are proportionally small for a woman of my weight, but photos like the second one here help me to dispel that idea. This is a lot of boob for a hand, and my hands aren’t exactly little.

I rarely every think of my breasts as being especially large, despite knowing that I’m a G cup (US). Like most trans women, my roots are very wide, to the point that they wrap around my rib cage. Thus, I’ve got very little cleavage and not much forward projection; from head on they look a lot smaller than they really are. There’s no teardrop shape here, not much rounding, and very little upper upper fullness.

Finding bras that work for me has been tricky, especially since I‘v not seen any company state what shape their bra lines are actually designed for. I mean, wtf is up with that? All other garments get classified by use, why don’t intimates?

A few bras help me pull all this tissue forward. The one I get the best cleavage from is Lane Bryant’s Smoothing Plunge bra. It’s the sleek black bra that I’m wearing in some of my oldest posts. It’s not a pretty bra, but I get a lot of lift from it. I’ve tried a few other lifting bras from other companies, but none have worked as well as that one. It’s what I wear under anything low cut.

The others are Elomi bras. The Cate is the best of them all because the wire goes back very far under my arm and really pulls that breast tissue forward. I feel very full in the Cate and it always brings my spirits up, but it’s a full cup bra and doesn’t work for a low neck line. The Morgan doesn’t do much for my shape, but it’s very containing and doesn’t require much adjustment during the day. Sachi lifts brilliantly well, but gets uncomfortable after a few hours, the fabric doesn’t agree with me.

What have been your bra struggles, and how did you solve them? Comment on the Instagram post below.