I loved the GoT series finale. Yes, this season has been loaded with terrible writing and disappointment, but I felt that this finale ended the story the best way they possibly could given the situation. Every character got what they wanted, even if that might not be what they thought they needed.

  • Brandon Stark: Bran started this story as the youngest and weakest of the Stark children. Now he is the damn king of the seven kingdoms (minus one), and the Three Eyed Raven. He’s the most powerful person in Westeros!

  • Sansa: All she ever wanted to be was her mother. Now she is Queen in the North, and the last Stark to hold Winterfell.

  • Arya: An adventurer in charge of her own destiny on a journey of discovery.

  • Jon: His place was always in the north with the Wildlings. That’s his home, it’s where he belongs.

  • Tormund: Got to go home with Jon.

  • Daenerys: She toppled the Lanister empire, took back the keep her family built, and was the last person to ever rule from the Iron Throne. She fulfilled her prophecies.

  • Tyrion: The Hand of the King of Westeros, a job ideally suited to his intellect and skill. A job no one can disrespect him in, for a king he got to choose. He’s also now the Lord of the House of Lanister.

  • Bronn: Finally repaid in full for everything he’s done for Tyrion, and made Master of Coin.

  • Breanne: Knighted and Master of the Kingsguard.

  • Poddric: Knighted and member of the Kingsguard.

  • Sam: Head Maester, with access to the collective knowledge of the kingdom, and Lord of House Tarley

  • Sir Davos: Master of Ships! The job he’s perfect for!

  • Cersei and Jamie: Died in each others arms.

  • The Hound and The Mountain: Died at each others hands.

  • The Unsullied: Control of their own fate.

  • The Dothraki: Best. Vacation. Ever.

  • Ghost: Finally got a hug.

Kat and I both finished the episode deeply satisfied. Especially since she predicted Bran would be king.

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