Put this look together yesterday for my daughter’s seventh birthday. We are so beyond done with hosting birthday parties ourselves, so this year we had it with a local Pump-It-Up. If you don’t know this place, it’s a chain where they have a bunch of large inflatable bounce house type things setup in several rooms, so the kids get to run around and burn all their energy before getting lunch in a side room.

Last image is a video in my stories yesterday of me climbing one and not so graceful sliding down while trying to keep my skirt around my legs. 😆

In other news, I launched a total redesign of my website over the weekend, moving away from the giant wall-o-my-face that the old landing page suffered from, and trying to emphasize the text content more.

I have three new posts in the draft queue that comprise the first parts of my memoir. It’s a lot of text (>13k words in total), so if anyone is willing to provide editorial assistance, DM me and I’ll send you the urls.

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