Izzy Rizinti 🏳️‍🌈 @BellaRizinti

Someone asked me how I can recognise a trans woman as a woman. The simplest way I can put this is "kindred spirit".

As a woman I just know another woman when I meet one. There's a bond there and it's pretty much instant.

Kindred spirit.

Socially Distant Gwen @buttonsandfluff

@BellaRizinti This. I know what it's like to hang out with men. I know what it's like to hang out with women. When I hang out with trans women, I'm hanging out with women. Definitely not men. It's that simple.

The first woman I ever dated said to me on our first date, “You are unlike any man I have ever dated before.” She could see it. She didn’t know what it was, but she could see it.

It’s in the attitudes, the mannerisms, the way we address the world and the subtle interactions. If you get a group of trans women together and watch how they converse, the alignment is plain as day.

This is our clan, this is where we belong.