I’m off to see my HRT doctor this morning, the man who six months ago asked me if I’d had a breast augmentation without telling him because he didn’t believe they were real.

The Wellbutrin is definitely having an effect, but not on the thing I wanted it to affect. My appetite has gone way down and I’m able to actually say no to food cravings. It’s weird to have one part of my brain say it wants sugar, and the other part to say “naw, we good.” Unfortunately it’s also given me insomnia again… hopefully it passes relatively quickly like last time. My libido has also flatlined, which is good because it doesn’t seem to have done anything yet for my ability to climax.

We’re apparently now a cat house. Yesterday we adopted two 11 week old cats from the local rescue service. My wife found them by way of the woman who fostered them from birth. Their names are Leo and Donnie, and they’re both extremely sweet. Their favorite place to hide is behind my computer monitors, the one spot the children cannot reach them.

Unfortunately they’re also part of the reason I only got two hours of sleep last night…

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