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One of the most frustrating parts of ADHD/executive dysfunction is that if I have ANYTHING I have to do that day, like go to an appt, I can't do anything before it.

It doesn't matter if it's at 4PM & it's 9AM now.

I can't do "productive" things.

I can't even do FUN things.

unicorn thorn 🦄♿️ @unicornthorn

I'll just spend the entire day feeling unsettled and restless (and draining tons of energy) until it's time for the thing.

It doesn't matter if I set alarms to remind me to get ready for the thing so I COULD have lots of time in theory to rest or do other stuff without worrying.

unicorn thorn 🦄♿️ @unicornthorn

I'm still just going to flounder all day until the thing is over, because executive dysfunction is eternally frustrating and you can't logic your way out of it.

That's not how executive dysfunction works.

unicorn thorn 🦄♿️ @unicornthorn
sonya @sonyaism

pattern i've struggled with all my life:

> executive functioning bad

> here, thing that will improve executive functioning

> need executive functioning to do that thing

> don't do thing

> executive functioning bad

> repeat

"But have you tried improving your executive dysfunction by simply NOT HAVING executive dysfunction?!! It's easy!"

– every piece of advice ever given on improving executive function

And if by some magic I manage to get myself productive during this dead time, I will then hyper-fixate and forget about the appointment.

It also hits me if I’m just responsible for watching my kids that day. The simple fact that I am the one to pay attention to them will keep me from even being able to think about work. Even if they’re off watching TV and completely disengaged from me.