It was raining in San Diego today, and I am a wet haired happy little bluebird.

Brief drugs update: The Wellbutrin did absolutely nothing for my ability to climax, tho it did confuse the heck out of my hunger response for a couple weeks. Never thought I could be both hungry and repulsed by the thought of eating.

My psychiatrist is switching me from Lexapro to Trintellix, which is unfortunately a name brand only drug, so its up in the air if we can get my insurance to cover it. Reading up on the drug, it sounds really promising tho. Significantly fewer sexual side effects, and it is designed to boost executive function, which is definitely something I struggle with. Here’s hoping it works for me!

In therapy today we dove into an old memory that is likely behind some of my RSD triggers; memories of my mother getting so frustrated and angry at me for failing to complete tasks I was given. It’s a hazy memory, so it’s hard to drill in on, but I feel like we still made a bit of progress on it.

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