This is the second Torrid outfit that I picked up with that gift card two weeks ago.

I love this shape, but unfortunately I’m not as in love with this dress as I am the other. Where the first dress is made of jersey, this one is their “studio knit”, which is a rayon/spandex material that has a texture like chiffon. While I enjoy chiffon cardigans and robes, it is not a material I like for an entire dress.

I had fun with the makeup today. I tried to match to the dress but I just didn’t have the right shades of blue/green or pink.

Wow was the lighting in my bedroom good today, though. These photos came out so great!

Saw my psychiatrist today and she increased my lexapro to 10mg, giving me leeway to try different dosing methods. She was surprised that I had crashes when I tried taking it before bed instead of at breakfast. The drug is supposed to have a 27 hour half life, so technically I shouldn’t feel fluctuations at all as long as I’m constant with my dose. We had the same problem with ADHD meds as well, tho, so I think my body is just weird.

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