I have never worn a bodycon dress in public before, and the reason why is in the last photo. I’ve mentioned multiple times that I have serious issues with the shape of my belly. I hate how much in overhangs my groin, and I’ve avoided any kind of hugging skirt because of it. Today I am not letting that stop me, cuz ya girl got curves and I am going to show them off, even if they aren’t all perfect.

This dress is so cheap! Astonishingly cheap (I’m not allowed to say how cheap because of Amazon’s affiliate rules, but it’s cheap!). You’d think for this price it would be crap, but no, I’ve got it in two colors and a third on the way, I love it so much. It hugs me so perfectly, and I just feel sexy as hell in this outfit. Unfortunately it ships from china, so it takes like a month to arrive. Note that the description says “calf length”; on me it only reaches the top of my knees, but that’s because I have have a long torso. The dress is a little bit see through, and that’s why I’m wearing a full slip under it (see previous post).

Today’s eye look is built using my HudaBeauty Amethyst Obsessions pallet. I love purples and this pallet is just perfect for me.

I never imagined I could look as hot as I do in that butt shot. Curves in all the right places… I feel blessed.