Swipe for THE HORROR! I had a dentist appointment this morning, first with a new doctor that I’ve never been to. My old dentist retired this year, after almost twenty years of taking care of me teeth.

New dentist is a woman and was very business like, straightforward and to the point. My hygienist was super nice and very friendly, I like her a lot. Both got a great laugh after she asked me how frequently I changed toothbrushes, and I answered “Monthly because my son keeps dropping them in the toilet.” I appreciated that there was no reaction when I mentioned my wife, and no questions about the birth of my kids, either. It’s surprising how frequently that gets asked.

Best of all, neither woman guilted me about anything with my oral hygiene; my old dentist and his staff constantly made me feel bad about my flossing frequency.

And yes, I am wear leggings as pants. Naysayers can get bent.