Woke up this morning, let my hair down, and said “that’s today’s money look” and then proceeded to do everything I could to not make it curl any further. Been kinda liking it more wavy than curly later, but I don’t know how long that will stick.

I bought this shirt from Shein months ago and immediately loved the the cutouts, but then couldn’t think of a way to integrate it in to an outfit. It was too short for wearing with just leggings or jeans (it doesn’t cover my belly) but too long to wear as a crop top. I almost considered shortening it to make it into a cut off crop top, and I still might.

Then it occurred to me that, duh, I could just tuck it in to a skirt.

I love the way the magenta camisole shows through behind it, its such a bright punch of color.

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