Lord has it ever been a long ten days, I am so glad to be back into the swing of things again.

Our house is finally back into order after that long week of plague. Our entire family came down with norovirus, first my wife and son, then me, then my daughter, one day after another. It’s a very nasty strain, and I was completely waylaid for 48 hours. Our housecleaner came over Sunday and bleached every surface. I have washed so many loads of clothes, towels and bedding on Sanitary mode, and used our carpet cleaner in every bedroom… twice.

I think I finally found the right mousse for my hair. Last week while waiting for a prescription to get filled I was browsing CVS’ Salon Haircare aisle and came across a mousse with some pretty bold claims to boost volume, lift, moisture and plumpness, while still being CG friendly. Well so far… the bottle doesn’t lie. Each time I’ve used it I’ve gotten these thick and chunky curls that just look and feel amazing and I’m in love. Marc Anthony True Professional “Dream Big Volume”. Swipe for a photo of the can. It wasn’t terribly expensive, either, maybe $12?

While at Target the other day I noticed that e.l.f. has these little makeup masking strips now. They were only like $3 so I figured I’d give them a try. They’re, uhh… they’re a little small. The adhesive is fantastic tho. It stuck well through the entire session and peeled off super easy. It also gave an extremely clean line.

Finally, it’s now been two weeks on the Trintellix, replacing Lexapro, and… IT’S WORKING! I can climax again! THANK GOD! I’ve also noticed some improvements to my executive function across the board, making it easier to get up and get things accomplished. I’ve had none of the other side-effects that Lexapro gave me, either, like the dry mouth and drowsiness (tho I still take it before bed). No increase or reduction in my anxiety levels, so it would seem that the dosage is right on the money as well. Hopefully this gets a generic at some point, because it’s a pretty great drug.

Update from two weeks later: It’s not so great.