Happy humpday, y’all. Day 3 curls holding up.

I was so scatterbrained yesterday. I realized on my way to work that I had forgotten to fill my pill planner when I refilled my Vyvanse prescription, so I had gone something like three days without any ADHD meds, and oh god do I ever need that now! I got almost no work done yesterday and could not think straight at all last night. Made sure to fill it up when I got home and today I’m back to mostly functional.

It’s wild how before I got on the drug I didn’t know how badly I needed it because it was just my normal. Now that I know what normal can actually feel like, being off it feels like chaos.

On that note, I definitely need a larger Trintellix dosage. Now that the Lexapro has worked it’s way out of my system, my anxiety and depression have returned in force, and it’s bad enough that I question if it’s working at all. I see my psychiatrist on Friday, so hopefully we can make a bump to it.

Got my dress for Disneyland yesterday. It a white fit and flare midi dress with sunflowers. Should be perfect for the park, but I have a bad record with white clothes so I’m absolutely not wearing it before the trip 😆