Hellllloooo Gender Euphoria.

I bought this swimsuit last summer and never once got the chance to wear it to actually go swimming. It’s in the 80s today in SD, so I dug it out of my dresser to let the kids play in the sprinkler (see my stories). Some of my strongest memories of wanting to be a girl as a child were about swimwear. Boys swim trunks were so boring, and they always filled up with air bubbles and looked ugly. The lining would ride up and get stuck in really uncomfortable places. I never felt right being shirtless in the water, either, especially after I grew the beginnings of breasts from gynecomastia.

When I was in fifth grade I spent four hours shirtless in the sun at a school lake party and developed third degree sunburn. From then on I never again went outdoors without a tshirt on. Ostensibly this was because I was scared of the sun, but it also gave me a convenient excuse to never have a bare chest.

This feels so much more right.

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