Femme-Fatale… It may be surprise y’all to hear this, but I’ve always struggled with a basic smokey eye. Bold colors I have no problem with, but trying to blend grays has been my nemesis. I think today may be the first time I’ve been genuinely pleased with the outcome. Dark lip colors have also long been a trial, and todays came out really really well.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m mad proud of my makeup today.

Last week I posted about scoring a great dress from Target’s clearance section. It wasn’t the dress I actually wanted, however, it was this one, and after hitting three different Targets I could NOT find it in my size on the clearance rack.

My incredibly wonderful wife found it for me while she was visiting a fourth Target location, and it only cost $14!! Major score! It’s super comfy and feels extremely elegant. The dress needed the makeup look to match.

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