A rare date night, Kat and I finally got to see Into the Spiderverse, and it was awesome. Possibly the best film of 2018.

We saw it at a theater here in town that just reopened a month ago after a major renovation, and the staff is clearly rookies. You don’t schedule a marvel movie showing just five minutes after the credits end. They let us into the theater right at the show time, and then forced us to sit throught 40 minutes of pre-show material before the film actually started. On top of this, their food counter ran out of the items we wanted to buy, and didn’t have any of their gourmet popcorn ready at 7pm… peak rush. We’re gonna give them one more go next time we go see a movie, but we were not at all impressed.

There were two baby queers sitting right next to us during the film and I am so proud of them.