As I do every time I visit Target, yesterday I swung through the clearance section and discovered that the maternity summer dresses I’ve been eyeing for the last three months have finally gone to clearance. Sadly, the black one I really wanted wasn’t there in my size, but this purple tank dress was, and I snagged it for a measly $15.

I love Target’s maternity dresses, because they’re so incredibly soft and comfortable, very light weight, and have plenty of space for my belly (duh). I’m not above maternity wear when it works.

I made a few changes to my diet a couple weeks ago, based on advice from a dietician that I absolutely adore (Janice Baker, RD, look her up). That triggered a small drop in weight, and with it my body finally consumed some more of the side fat under my arms. That meant I went down a cup size, but it also let me start wearing my old bras again. I love my sachi so much, and it pairs really well with this dress. It’s still not a perfect fit, there’s a little overflow, but I seem to finally be filling out the top of the cup better.

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