This Saturday marks two years on hormone therapy. I’ve got a LOT of timeline pics (I’ve been skipping transition Tuesday) and will be posting some of the best ones over the next few days, but I thought I would start with a very different comparison.

The photo on the left is my mother, taken on my wedding day ten years ago. I never felt like I looked anything like either of my parents pre-transition, but now… wow do I ever look like her! Same brow, same nose, same cheeks and lips, same chin, same hair line and hair texture. My face is a bit taller than hers, and she was thinner than me in that pic, but otherwise we’re practically clones. It is no wonder that both my kids look like me when these genes are that strong!

Looking at photos of myself and seeing her face just doesn’t stop getting weird. This is amplified by the fact that she still rejects my gender and refuses to call my by my name or pronouns. It’s a painful reminder that religious bigotry runs really deep.

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