Yesterday I made a quick trip to Walmart to grab some necessities and swung by the men’s department looking to get some big t-shirts I could alter. They used to carry this great Fruit of the Loom shirts that made great sleeping shirts, and once I’d cut the necks off them they were super comfortable.

Sadly, they don’t have them any more, but instead I found a rack of Wide Necked No Boundries t-shirts. At first I thought “well thats a weird neckline for a men’s shirt”, and I grabbed one to try when I got home.

This ain’t no men’s shirt… this is totally a women’s tunic, and it comes as high as a 4X. The material is a little thin, but not transparent, and at $8 a shirt I’m not complaining. I went back again later on and bought several more for me. When my wife saw how it wears she demanded I buy one for her in every color as well. They’re perfect utilitarian basic t-shirts for women.

I definitely recommend them, they’re super comfy. I have no idea why they’re selling what is clearly a women’s cut as a men’s shirt, but I’m happy to take advantage of it. It’s not a case of them being mis-shelved either, the sizes on the shirt are men’s.