Tonight I had the amazing opportunity to be a cut model for Susie Swanter (@susieswaneratmemycurlsandi) at Me My Curls and I. It’s been over six months since I last had a hair cut, and never with someone who so perfectly understands curls as the women at that shop do. I learned so much tonight about managing curly hair, and Susie did an amazing job bringing life into my curls.

Even tho I’ve been wanting to grow it out, I had so many straggly hair legs that I was getting tangles and frizz like wild. There was a clear line where the hair was thick and healthy, and where the hair was dead and thin, so a lot of it just had to go, probably 4-5 inches in some places. I’ve been so scared to cut that much off, since my hair is so important to my presentation, but the results speak volumes.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like once I get some new product into it. I picked up a bottle of Innersense Organic Beauty hydrating conditioner, which I’m hoping will show even better results down the road. I learned tonight that DevaCurl changed their formula a while back after it was bought by Proctor and Gamble, and now barely counts as a CurlyGirl product. Time to switch things up!

Thank you SO MUCH, Susie, tonight was an incredible experience, and you can bet I’ll be back. Shout out to @curly.girl.di on Instagram who spotted the model call and tagged me on it. I would not have had this chance without her.