Hello Tuesday… back to the grind after a long weekend.

I bought some new covergirl foundation this past weekend and I got the color match all wrong because it’s way too orange when I need something that’s more of a pink. To counter that, I baked the shit out of my face this morning, which I’ve not done in close to a year (scroll to the end for a pic), and honestly it looks ok after color correction, but I’d rather have a proper match. Time to see if CVS will do an open return without a receipt.

I was so thrilled with my lip today (new color from Wet & Wild), and then got to work and was STARVING, leading me to promptly destroy it with a burrito.

Drug Diary Update: The Trintellix is a bust.

On Friday my psychiatrist doubled my dosage, since it seemed like it wasn’t doing anything at the lowest dose. My anxiety had returned after coming off the Lexapro and I’d been having some bad dysmorphia days where my body confidence was just shot to hell and I hated how I looked.

Well, the double dose proved that the problem wasn’t that I didn’t have enough anti-depressant… quite the opposite. The 20mg dose made ALL of my anxiety WAY WAY WORSE. I was struggling both Saturday and Sunday to keep my cool and kept having to checkout and take calm down breaks from the kids. On top of that I had nausea all day, I was EXHAUSTED, and I struggled to concentrate enough to do basic math.

Coupled with this, we went to IKEA on Sunday to buy furniture for my in-laws house, and… well, IKEA is anxiety inducing even on a good mental health day (why the fuck are people so bad at walking in parking lots!!??). By the end of the day, Katharine and I were both just completely done.

So I’ve dropped back to my 10mg pills and plan to drop to half pills on Friday to ween myself off. I’m thinking I might try boosting my estradiol shot instead, since my anxiety was a lot better back before we started lowering it.