The photo on the left is a body positivity photo that I took back on December 1st when I had just gotten my first Elomi bra (Cate).

The photo on the right is my body positivity post from last Sunday.

Three months between these photos, and I’m struck by just how much my belly has changed in that time. My waist has flattened out more and the belly curve starts lower down my torso. What once was a solid single mass of fat has now reduced into rolls, and the entire belly is just smaller and squishier (evidenced by the indentation that runs vertically down the center). My hips have also gotten larger.

So much change in just three months. It’s easy to overlook it without good comparisons to look back on.

On Thursday I tried on a dress that has been in our closet for over six months. Kat had bought it for herself and didn’t like the way it fit on her, and I couldn’t even get it on, but we weren’t able to return it and she was going to throw it into the giveaway box. I encouraged her to hang on to it, since it was sure to fit one of us eventually. Sure enough, my belly has finally shrank enough that I could get into it. I’ll probably wear it to work in the next few weeks, because it’s a pretty cute dress (you might have seen it in my instagram stories).