No photo magic here, just very angry skin. Last night was yet another laser hair removal session, and she must have turned up the juice because my face is a wreck. Usually all the redness and swelling has dissipated by the next morning after I do my full skin care routine, but not this time.

This was also my first time doing a Brazilian (pubic hair). I had been warned that it is especially painful, so I got my doctor to write me a prescription for an extra strong numbing cream. BLT: 20% Benzocaine, 8% Lidocaine, 8% Tetracain. I had to have it compounded by a pharmacy out of state and mailed to me. Cost me a pretty penny too… but wow did it work! I put it on an hour and a half before the appointment, and by the time I got there I could no longer feel anything down there.

Getting a Brazilian is an experience. I knew exactly what was going to happen, and yet I was still surprised. Nothing prepares you for having another person wield a laser gun around your genitals. Even though I have been seeing this woman for two years, and she’s a medical doctor, it was still a very disconcerting episode. Very glad I couldn’t feel her moving things around.

Unfortunately I did miss some spots with the cream, and lord yes did that hurt. Like getting stabbed with a redhot needle. Afterwards she commented that she could tell I was in a lot of pain while she was zapping around my anus. “Yes, well, I didn’t expect you to go that low,” I replied.

She laughed, maniacally, like a villain. I love my laser lady so much. 🤣