This bra has made such a drastic impact on my wardrobe that I just had to give it a post of its own. This isn’t a paid endorsement, I just freaking love this bra.

This is City Chic’s Smooth & Chic Multiway Contour Bra. If you’ve followed me for a while then you know the struggle I have had with trying to find a good lifting bra. This one has given me cleavage where nothing else I tried could accomplish it, and I get happy feels every time I put it on (and then eight hours later even more happy feels when I take it off 🤣). The bra is designed to be wearable strapless, so the band is very snug and supportive, with rubber to help grip. It functions much like a short form overbust corset in this regard, cinching in my underbust and waist, which helps a LOT with my figure. I combine it with the bra liner that I posted about a few months ago to keep it from digging into my side rolls. I wear the straps in a crossover racerback style, which lifts the cups at the sides and helps to push my wide-set breast tissue inwards.