Prior to my transition I almost never took any medication, short of some pain killers here and there, or cold medicine. This changed dramatically the day I started hormone therapy. Not only did I need the HRT itself, I needed to start taking supplements to offset the minerals lost due to the side effects of spironolactone.

I no longer take spiro, and my estrogen is provided via injections, but new medications filled in after those went away, so now every day I swallow a small handful of pills at breakfast.


  • 5mg Lexapro (Antidepressant)
  • 200mg Micronised Progesterone (I also take one at bedtime).
  • 20mg Vyvanse (ADHD stimulant)
  • 50mg Zinc (immune booster)
  • 5000IU Vitamin D
  • 3x Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc composite (1000mg/400mg/15mg)

The vitamin D is partly because I avoid the sun, but also because it helps with breast growth. Vitamin D encourages the production of Human Growth Hormone, which is critical for development of new tissues. It’s also been shown to have significant affect on mood and relieving depression. I’ve been taking it since day one, and I’m pretty certain it’s what I have to thank for my H cups.

The cal/mag/zinc is what I have to thank for how infrequently I have been sick over the last two years, despite having two kids. Zinc is remarkably good at fighting off illnesses (by comparison, Kat catches a cold at least every 2-3 months).